August 20, 2020 prassenjit

The Annual Bach Festival Goes Online

The Clef and Canto Music School in Trivandrum organised its 18th annual Bach Festival this year. Due to the pandemic, the concert was adapted to a virtual platform. The videos were meticulously organised and put together into a seamless concert experience, spread out over two days – the 28th July and 1st August 2020.

The concert featured several performers from Kerala and across India and the globe, performing primarily, though not limited to, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. J. S. Bach is revered as one of the greatest composers of all time for his enormous contribution to Western classical music. His compositions provide musicians with great joy and satisfaction. Studying the music of Bach is considered essential to every young musician’s education.

Some of the performers also performed music by Beethoven – the other giant of the western classical canon – Rachmaninoff, Bartók, Chopin and Francisco Tárrega. The performances ranged from voice, organ and piano to guitar, violin and clarinet. A familiar face was that of Julian Clef, who was the piano soloist for Chiragh’s Peace Notes concert last October. He played the finale items on Day 1 (his 30th birthday) – The Chopin-Godowsky Left Hand Etude Op. 10 #3, and Tribute to Kapustin Op. 10 #2.

You can watch the videos of the festival on the Clef and Canto Music School’s Facebook page, or on their YouTube channel. Hearty congratulations to Lizzy and Willy George for organising a splendid concert, facing the myriad challenges that come with the virtual landscape!